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Plug and Play-Interroll Drum Motors are much quicker and easier to install than conventional drive systems, requiring less than a quarter of the time needed to fit multi-component drive.  

Fewer parts mean reduced costs for the conveyor design an purchasing parts.

Hard-Wearing-Interroll Drum Motors will keep operating at 100% even in harmfull enviromental conditions, such as water, dust, grit, chemicals, grease, oil and even during high pressure wash-down procedures.

Hygienic Design-Due to the smooth, stainless steel finish and the hermetically seales and totally enclosed design, Interroll Drum Motors are much easier to clean and therefore reduce the risk of contamination in food processing.

Energy Efficient-Compared with many geared motor drives commonly used in the industry today, Interroll Drum Motors can use up to 32% less energy, thus helping to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Higher output-In the material handling industry where it is common to use worm geared motors, approximately 75% of the mechanical efficiency is transferred to the belt.  

An Interroll Drum Motor transfers up to 97%.

Space-saving-Because the motor, gearbox and bearings are mounted within the drum shell, the drum motor takes up much less space.

Safe-As a self-contained component without protruding parts and fixed with external shafts, an Interroll Drum Motor is probably the safest drive unit available for state-of-the-art material handling equipment.

Maintenance-free-The Sealed-for-life design ensures that the internal parts are unaffected by external conditions and maintains trouble free conveying for all kinds of applications.


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